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About Me

I would love to tell you a little more about who I am and why I chose to offer my services by starting my own freelance marketing business.

It's simple really... I love helping small businesses.  I know I should probably be selling you on my marketing skills. I should be taking this opportunity to impress you by telling you how I can design an entire website. Or how I can manage all of your social media platforms and write content about anything and everything your business has to offer. I could even tell you how I brought in $120,000.00 in a single day from a sale I marketed and used less than $300.00 to do it. I could tell you all of my marketing accomplishments. But instead, I want to just be honest. I love small businesses and the communities I am a part of and I want to help them succeed.

The joy and accomplishment I feel when I am able to successfully market a sale, product or service for small business owners is what turned my interest in marketing into a passion. I'd love the opportunity to do that for as many businesses as I can.

  -Dayna M. Flores