Why Drop the Agency?

Why Drop the Agency?

I have worked for a large media agency for over 6 years while my husband has worked for multiple large media agencies over the past 10 years and if I am going to be completely honest with you…they are horrible. The employees are treated like machines. The number one goal is not to take care of its clients but to get more sales. Period. The mentality that is driven into agency employees’ heads everyday is to remember our ABC’s: “Always Be Closing”.

Agencies are less personal. Once you are sold on a service, your sales representative or I’m sorry, “Advertising Specialist” hands over your needs to both in-house and outsourced personnel. That “specialist” whom you spent so much time and money with to come up with your marketing plan (Side note: chances are that these agencies are peddling the same marketing plan to other businesses just like yours in the same area.), has now moved on to the next sale.

Sure those reps may check in from time to time to make sure things are going smoothly, but they honestly have no idea how any of your digital or print services are actually doing. They are not hands-on when it comes to your digital or print campaigns. The technical work is all done by different departments and different people. If the marketing plan you spent thousands of dollars on doesn’t seem to be working for your business, a simple up-sell will look like the only solution to your problem. How does the old saying go? “You have to throw away money in order to make money”? Because for an agency, it’s all about making money.

At the end of the day agencies are most concerned with the “Big Fish”, the “Cash Cow”, the client that’s going to be able to allow that agencies’ CEO to retire on a yacht someday. Local business owners are at the bottom of the food chain at marketing agencies. Don’t believe me? You still think that if you cut your marketing budget with your agency that they will still put as much focus and attention on you and your marketing plan? Try it. Go ahead…I’ll wait.

And this will start off slowly. Instead of those emails being immediately responded to, it will take a day. Phone calls will be sent to voicemail. Your representative who you believed you could trust to handle the most important aspect of your business…leads…will drift away from your account completely, handing it off to an Inside Sales Representative (or “specialists”) whose job is to simply maintain low spending accounts.

Why not choose a personal, reliable Marketing Consultant who doesn’t have the pressure of sales on their shoulders? Someone who can be easily accessed? Someone who won’t pass you off or make you spend money when it’s just not necessary? Someone local who actually cares about your business and the goals you have for it?

So what are you waiting for? Drop the agency.

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